Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

Now you can set Amazon S3 Lifecycle guidelines to restrict the variety of variations of an object to retain to attain larger storage financial savings, and to decide on objects to maneuver to different storage courses based mostly on measurement to optimize your lifecycle transitions. S3 Lifecycle helps you optimize your storage prices by transitioning or expiring your objects as they become older or are changed by newer variations. You need to use these Lifecycle configurations to your entire bucket, or for a subset of your objects by filtering by prefixes, object tags, or object measurement.

Now you can use finer-grained controls to handle your S3 Lifecycle guidelines with actions based mostly on the variety of noncurrent variations and filters based mostly on object measurement. For instance, you may optimize your prices by transitioning solely giant media recordsdata to storage courses equivalent to S3 Glacier or S3 Glacier Deep Archive. Moreover, it can save you prices by deleting previous (noncurrent) variations of an object after 5 days and when there are a minimum of 2 newer variations of the item. This lets you have extra variations of your objects as you want, however saves you value by transitioning or eradicating them after a time period.

To study extra about S3 Lifecycle, go to the S3 Consumer Information.