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VMblog Cross Speak Sequence with Jeremy Kauffman of LBRY

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We’re kicking off a brand new sequence, VMblog Cross Talks, the place we discover matters only a bit outdoors of our regular expertise protection space — right now, we delve into the world of Blockchain.

On this episode, we discuss with Jeremy Kauffman, CEO & Founding father of LBRY / ODYSEE.  LBRY does to publishing what Bitcoin did to cash.

LBRY is the primary digital market to be managed by the market’s members somewhat than a company or different Third-party.  It’s the most open, honest, and environment friendly market for digital items ever created, with an incentive design encouraging it to grow to be essentially the most full.

On the highest stage, LBRY does one thing terribly easy.  LBRY creates an affiliation between a novel identify and a chunk of digital content material, reminiscent of a film, ebook, or sport.  That is just like the area identify system that you’re probably utilizing to entry this very submit.

Nonetheless, LBRY does this not via a proprietary service or community, however as a protocol, or a way of doing issues, very similar to HTTP, DNS and different specs that make up the web itself.  Simply as many various domains owned by many various corporations all converse a shared language, so can also any individual or firm converse LBRY.  No particular entry or permission is required. 

Watch and study!

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